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One of my first copywriting examples from school


At the time of creating this, I was about 2 seasons deep into a new show I had discovered on Netflix. The story was about a modern day-misunderstood devil who had fallen after failing to meet his father's expectations. I was asked to create a piece that would feature a project I would like to expand on in the future with good copy and design practices in mind. I began to imagine, what if I had created a book, an adaptation of sorts on the show. So I asked myself, what would the cover look like? The title insinuates a "lucky" devil while also considering the short form of the name 'Lucifer', which is "Luci" or 'Lucy". I also tried to be clever by including a cliche piece of copy discussing that this is a story, or a tale, while playing on that word, I came up with this caption.

Tim Hortons Campaign